Bengals' Germaine Pratt Loudly Blames Teammate Joseph Ossai For Loss To Kansas City

Pratt can be seen venting near the locker room about Ossai's penalty that enabled the Chiefs to kick the game-winning field goal.

Bengals linebacker Germaine Pratt railed at teammate Joseph Ossai for his flagged late hit on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Sunday’s AFC Championship. (Watch the video below.)

The 15-yard penalty with 8 seconds left put Kansas City in much better position to kick a field goal for the 23-20 victory. The Chiefs will now meet the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

“Why the fuck would you touch the quarterback?” Pratt appeared to scream as he neared the locker room in video shared by Katie Kapusta of Spectrum News 1 Ohio.

Pratt didn’t appear to be directly addressing Ossai at the moment, but a callout of a teammate when cameras are rolling is a bad look.

Ossai shoved Mahomes after he had already reached the sideline while scrambling for a first down with 8 seconds left and the score at 20-20.

That drew a 15-yard penalty, enabling Kansas City’s Harrison Butker to nail a 45-yard field goal on the next play to send the Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

The camera then cut to a distraught Ossai, who later told reporters, “I didn’t know how far out of bounds we were.”

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