Gin & Tonic Cans

When it’s gin o’clock, convenience is key. Why worry about the quality of your tonic and the dryness of your gin, when someone somewhere has already selected the finest of both? Portioned, canned, and your to buy from The Bottle Club online shop, our Gin & Tonic Cans range right gives you the perfect serve, handy at all times.

Now, a little bit of G&T history. The drink, like many others, was originally imbibed for medicinal purposes. The Tonic water had a high content of malaria-preventing quinine – a rather bitter powder that didn’t go down easily – so the British decided to sweeten the deal with gin and lemon. And so, one of the most iconic cocktails in the world was born. Our collection includes the classic Gordon’s London Dry Gin & Schweppes Tonic, as well as Sipsmith’s ultra-zesty Orange Gin & Tonic. For those who want the flavour without the alcohol, try the Stryk NOT Gin & Tonic. There’s something here for every gin lover.

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