Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is different from ginger beer in one important way. Where ginger beer is fermented, resulting in fiercely bubbly and spicy beverages, Ginger Ale is infused with essences of ginger. This means that Ginger Ale is not brewed or fermented at all, resulting in sweeter, friendlier and less fiery drinks than ginger beer, with softer carbonation too. Being a gentle, sweet drink, Ginger Ale is ideal for those times when you feel the need for the tingle of ginger, without all the harshness.

The first iteration of Ginger Ale was the famous Canada Dry, patented by Canadian chemist John J. McLaughlin, in 1907. Canada Dry was different from traditional, alcoholic ginger beer, forming the basis for what is now a classic mixed drink; Whiskey Ginger. It took the world by storm and paved the way for the premium brands we have in our online shop today, like Fever Tree and Schweppes. Ginger Ale pairs beautifully with whiskey on the rocks, as well as featuring in timeless cocktails like the Shirley Temple.

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