Gold Rum

Rum isn’t like other drinks. You could fill a phonebook with all the rules and regulations that surround specific wine styles for example, and woe betide any who blur the lines. But rum? Much like the famous laid-back demeanour of its Caribbean home nations, rum doesn’t tend to bog itself down in rules. Floating casually between light and dark, golden rums are free to express themselves. Their golden colour always comes from the spirit having been exposed to wooden barrels for some period of time, but other than that basic similarity, golden rums encapsulate a huge variety of characters.

There are common flavours such as vanilla, spice, and toffee that you’ll find in all golden rums, however, the differences between vibrant, younger rums like Bacardi Anejo Cuatro and much older, more complex rums like Matusalem 23 Year Old Gran Reserva couldn’t be more profound. Shop online now and find the perfect rum for you.

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