Hard Seltzers

Hard Seltzers are about to have their time in the sun, but what exactly are these low-calorie delights? The word ‘Seltzer’ - widely used in the USA - comes from old German for sparkling spring water. As far back as 1787, naturally carbonated spring water from spa towns in Germany was bottled and distributed as a luxury product. Today water is mostly carbonated using modern technology, but the spritzy, refreshing, revitalising effect is the same. Hard Seltzer is any sparkling water that is supplemented with alcohol and other flavours. Normally to around 5% abv and flavoured in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways.

Different brands obtain their alcohol in different ways, either from fruit sugar fermentation, or cane sugar/molasses, but the effect is much the same. Always fun, fresh, and lower sugar/calorie than wine, beer, or cider, Hard Seltzers are here to stay. Grab yours today from our online shop.

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