Highland Single Malt Whisky

The people of the Scottish Highlands have been making whisky for centuries, with the first written mentions of Scottish ‘aquavitae’ appearing as far back as 1494. They’ve certainly had the time to perfect the art, which is why some of the best examples of the spirit available today come from the Highlands. We proudly sell a variety of them right here in our online shop, so give our collection a little browse and we’re sure at least one will catch your eye.

Highland Scotch whisky is very different from its Island, Lowland, Speyside, American, Irish, and Japanese cousins. Highland whisky is usually characterised by sweet and malty flavours, with most distilleries focusing on bringing out delicate honey-like notes. A few will offer more robust, smokey, and sherried flavours, but these are in the minority. From entry level Dalmore 12 Year Whisky to top notch Brora 34 Year Old Whisky, there’s a dram here for everyone.

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