One journalist called Styles’s comment “the most white privilege-iest thing to ever be uttered at an awards show ever for all time.”
The Princess of Wales posted a photo of herself with her father, Michael Middleton, at age 5.
Though the night had historical highs and moving moments, it left much to be desired.
Styles' Album of the Year win was widely perceived as an upset over Beyoncé, who had been considered the front-runner for the night's biggest prize.
The Oscar-winning actor will be portraying the King in "Agent Elvis," a Netflix cartoon that reimagines the singer as a spy.
A source close to the Grammys told HuffPost said that “there are hundreds of names to consider and it’s always a tough call for the people who put the show together.”
"Leaving Neverland" maker Dan Reed condemned the upcoming movie starring Jackson's nephew as the King of Pop.
"To see someone that looks like you on TV makes the difference," said Diamond White ahead of the Marvel series' premiere on Disney Channel.
The international Puerto Rican star and his fans were subjected to "insulting" treatment in his opening act on the awards show.
The retired quarterback's "80 For Brady" comedy scored plenty of points in its opening weekend.