Indian Tonic

When you sip a refreshing Gin & Tonic on a hot day in a pub garden, it’s easy to believe that such a perfect combination of things has existed side-by-side forever, but as with all great pairings, the stars had first to align before the elements could combine. Cast your mind back to British Raj era India. British soldiers were falling to malaria at an alarming rate. That is until one day, a gifted physician realised the medicinal properties of quinine, an ingredient extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree, native to Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal. Qunine extract was quickly added to tonic water. Convincing British Raj officers to add this refreshingly bitter and lifesaving tonic to their beloved gin was a piece of cake. Those officers brought demand for the drink back home with them and the rest is history.

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