Irish Cream & Cream Liqueur

Irish cream was created in the 1970s with the sole purpose of providing something new to drink – this should happen more often in our opinion. This relatively simple mix of cocoa, cream, and Irish whiskey has become synonymous with cosy gatherings, winter time, and Irish Cream Coffees.
The perfect Irish Cream serve can be anything from a straight shot poured over ice to outrageous cocktails like Brain Haemorrhage that purposely curdle the cream for dramatic effect. Somewhere in between these two extremes lies the aforementioned Irish Coffee, an innocent-looking, monochrome beverage with a signature whiskey kick. Irish Cream is almost synonymous with Baileys, the first brand to enter the market in the seventies, who push the boundaries of Irish Cream to this day. The Original Baileys is still popular all over, and nowadays you can score yourself a dairy-free Baileys Almande, a birthday-cake flavoured Baileys, or even a mixed pack of three different fruity Baileys delivered to your door – all available to buy online at the Bottle Club.

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