Irish Whiskey

The Scots may think they dominate whisky, but its Irish variant has its own dedicated following. Irish Whiskey differs from its Scottish cousin as it is made by a combination of malted and unmalted barley for a smoother taste with hints of vanilla.
It’s one of the oldest forms of spirit in Europe and, as so often with alcoholic drinks, the monks had a hand in its origins. They are thought to have discovered recipes in Europe and brought them back and began making it into their own distinctive blend. In its earliest form it would differ substantially from what we know as whiskey as it had not been aged and was instead mixed with herbs for flavour. The modern drink Irish mist is thought to be based on this flavour.
For best results you can serve it at room temperature in a wide brimmed glass to appreciate the aroma or in a tulip shaped glass to lock in the flavour. It is commonly mixed with water, Coca Cola and Lemonade but has also been mixed with Guinness in its time or Coffee.
Today it continues to be popular with drinkers everywhere with popular brands including Jameson, Bushmills and Teeling. Experts suggest pairing it with blue cheeses, smoked salmon or even a nice slice of pizza.

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