Jenever Gin

What came first, gin or jenever? Contrary to what gin lovers would like you to believe, jenever is actually far older than gin. It was already mentioned in late mediaeval texts and usually prescribed as medicine. This practice was sadly discontinued when the Dutch government caught wind of the less remedial effects of the drink, and taxed its production just like it did with other recreational beverages.

When William of Orange invaded England in 1688, jenever started flowing freely in England, influencing the future creation of gin with its core botanical - juniper berries. So while you’ll notice a few differences between jenever and gin, you can use the two drinks interchangeably. Jenever tends to be a little more creamy, malty, and subtly herby due the grains used in its production. It’s also usually drunk on its own, sans tonic. Shop and explore our jenever selection below.

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