If you want your masterful mixed drinks and crafty cocktails to have consistent balance and flavour, then accurately measuring your ingredients is essential. Jiggers are quite simply the best solution.
These handy little measuring vessels take their name from the smallest mast on a sailing ship, known as the jiggermast. Historically, a sailor’s daily ration of rum was metered out in a small metal cup, and it was this metal cup that took the name; Jigger. The name stuck around, as nautical terms tend to do, especially in the drinks world. It was given a boost in popularity in the late 19th Century when “jiggers” of whiskey were given out to Irish immigrant labourers, constructing the canals of New York. Today it’s impossible to imagine them being called anything else.

You’ll find a range of different Jigger styles available to buy from our online shop, from long handled, double ended and single measure designs, through to cup shaped Jiggers, which are a nod back to the history of this now ubiquitous piece of bar equipment.

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