Lager & Pilsner

A classic pub favourite, we’ve all had a glass of lager or pilsner on a hot summer’s day and isn’t it just delicious?
A part of the beer family, lager is a little different from other ales as it’s brewed and conditioned at a lower temperature. Its name even means ‘storage’ in German, because it used to be kept away in cool caves. In short, lager is pretty cool.
The most popular variations of lager are pale ale, amber ale and dark. Exploring these options allows you to try lighter options like Birra Moretti, emerging craft lager like Curious Brew from the Chapel Down family, the fruity flavours found in Spitfire amber ale, all the way through the richness of London Pride.
Best enjoyed chilled, preferably with the sunshine out in abundance and surrounded by great company, the world of lager comes in such an array of flavours and formats, ready for you to buy online, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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