You know exactly what to do when life gives you lemons, and so do all the brands in our illustrious Lemonade collection. Mixing water with lemon and sugar is a millenia-old tradition, and possibly the most refreshing drink in the history of humanity. Here’s an interesting fact about lemons: no one knows how exactly they were cultivated for human use. Botanical historians have hazily traced their earliest appearance to northwest India, and from there, they were introduced to Egypt and the Roman Empire around two thousand years ago. But their actual origin remains unclear. These days, with a little care and effort, they’ll even grow in the UK, a fact that’s most certainly contributed to their popularity.

Today’s Lemonades are different from a simple mix of lemon, sugar and water – they’re most commonly fizzy sodas with a lemony tang, and they mix extremely well with spirits. Our online shop features some well-known classics like Schweppes and Fever Tree, as well as some rarer beasts like the Calypso Ocean Blue Lemonade. Feel the fizz!

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