Liqueur Miniatures

We go crazy for a good liqueur here at the Bottle Club, and we get extra excited when it's delivered in a fancy little bottle. These single serve Liqueur Miniatures are a flavour arsenal ready to be unleashed into your cake recipes, cocktails, or poured over ice at your convenience. Shopping for gifts? You've come to the right place. Nothing completes a gift hamper like a fun miniature – just look at these colourful Hogg Nortons and tell us they won't bring a smile to someone's face.

The trio of Baileys Minis will get you even more pumped for a cup of hot chocolate during wintertime, as will a single serve of Southern Comfort, packaged perfectly to give an average latte a bit of oomph. Shop online here to mix and match single minis or buy them in packs of three, twelve, twenty, or as many as your heart desires. Think of the possibilities!

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