Liqueurs & Other Spirits

The term ‘liqueur’ refers to any distilled alcoholic drink that gets infused with additional ingredients like sugar, fruit, nuts, berries, herbs, spices, or a combination of them all. The age-old art of liqueur making boasts famous examples from around the globe, many of which have woven their way into legendary cocktails that stand the test of time, as well as forming an essential part of any experimental mixologist’s arsenal. There’s no Amaretto Sour without the luxuriously nutty hit of Amaretto. There’s no Jägerbomb without the intense herbal blast of Jägermeister. There’s no Negroni without the bitter rasp of Campari. You get the idea. To the seasoned drinker, liqueurs are as necessary as it gets.

As well as being intimately linked to the world of cocktails, liqueurs also extend to stand-alone aperitifs and digestifs. A milky Pernod on ice to begin a long lunch? An Irish Cream to round off an indulgent dinner? Whatever you’re shopping for, you’ll find it ready to buy when you shop our huge online collection.

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