Low & No Alcohol Spirits

Delicious spirits containing low and no alcohol have been making waves in the beverage industry for some time now, and there’s never been a better time to dive in and test the waters for yourself. Creative techniques are being developed and refined constantly by inventive brands like Lyre’s, STRYYK, and KVÎST. These brands, which you’ll find in our online shop, are forging ahead when it comes to capturing the spirit and essence of botanical infusions, without the use of alcohol. The potential for new and exciting alcohol-free cocktails is limitless. The days of designated drivers begrudgingly sipping boring, sugar filled soft drinks are well and truly being drawn to a close. About time too!

Established brands like Tanqueray and Gordon’s have also been hard at work developing alcohol-free versions of their classic gins, which we’re pleased to offer for you to shop for online. So whether you’re giving Dry January a go, driving friends to and from the bar, or maybe you just fancy a change, we got you.

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