Everyone loves a good Malbec. Those robust tannins in beautiful harmony with the rich, full bodied structure so familiar to fans of this thick-skinned red grape variety. Originally from the Cahors region of France, where its local name is Cot or Auxerrois, Malbec is most famous today as the flagship grape of Argentina. First brought there by agronomist Miguel Pouget in 1868, Malbec’s HQ these days is the Mendoza region, close to the Andes and the criollo nation’s border with Chile. Our online shop contains Malbecs from both France and Argentina, so you can find just what you came online to shop for.

Wherever your Malbec is from, the strong varietal characteristics will shine through. Dominated by dark fruit notes like blackberry and red plum, this much-loved grape lends itself to dry, full-bodied styles so well that it’s rare to find a Malbec not made in this way. Lastly, as the Argentines will tell you - and show you if you’re lucky - Malbec is the perfect accompaniment to a good steak.

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