Maraschino is named after the delicious marasca cherries, which are native to Croatia. Monks in Dalmatia had been making them into a cherry liqueur for centuries, but the world didn’t know what they were missing until a Venetian merchant started producing the sweet liqueur for export in the eighteen century. Before long, Maraschino became the liqueur of choice for British, Italian, and Austrian monarchs, plus a huge chunk of their subjects too. Out of all the Maraschino brands that have been competing to make the best cherry liqueur in the world, Luxardo has come out victorious and is now nearly synonymous with Maraschino.

With its smooth and sophisticated cherry flavour, Maraschino is a great digestif – but it’s mostly known today as a key ingredient in a variety of cocktails like Aviation, Last Word, and Brooklyn. It’s an integral part of any well-stocked bar, so grab a bottle and explore the unique character of Marasca cherries without having to travel.

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