Marsala Wine

The first time most of us hear of Marsala Wine is likely to be in a recipe. This fortified Sicilian style of wine is often used in cooking rich, caramelised, and nutty sauces, and therefore belongs in any serious chef’s kitchen. What makes Marsala so special is that it’s fortified with brandy and only local Sicilian grape varieties are used to make the wine. Dry Marsala is your best shot if you’re cooking savoury entrées, and Sweet Marsala for unctuous sauces. Aside from elevating your sauces, Marsala is wonderful sipped with dessert, similar to how you’d enjoy Madeira or Sherry.

Marsala Wine’s biggest superpower is the fact that it can work alongside hard-to-pair foods – like asparagus, chocolate, and brussel sprouts. Once opened, the bottle won't spoil for at least a month, which is perfect for slow sippers who are cautious about wasting their wine. Our Marsala collection includes authentic Sicilian producers, so when you buy online from us, you’re getting the real deal.

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