This anti-vaccine propaganda movement has completely misrepresented stories of tragedy and medical emergencies. The victims are done being quiet about it.
Under a new tweeted AP Stylebook guideline, the French Embassy worried that it would now have to refer to itself as the "Embassy of Frenchness in the U.S."
Norville, the longest-serving anchor in news, reflected on career highlights as "Inside Edition" marks its 35th season on the air.
"What is going on?” Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked after she read a report that bashed migrants housed at a New York City hotel.
Hounshell was "a gifted observer of our country’s political scene,” The Times' top editors said.
The reporter fended off trolls after her on-air emergency and said there was a "reasonable explanation for what happened."
Anderson Cooper, Michael Strahan and Tom Bradby declined to let Buckingham Palace view their interviews with Harry before they aired.