One of the most popular and well-known black grape varieties in the world, Merlot originates from the Bordeaux region in the south west of France. Inky, fruity, intense, and well-structured, wines made using the Merlot grape have captured the imaginations of wine drinkers for hundreds and hundreds of years, with the first mention of Merlot’s deliciousness dating back to 1784. The name Merlot even comes from local dialect names for the small blackbird, native to Bordeaux, known as merle or merlau in French. So Merlot really means Little Blackbird. Cute, right?

Merlot’s ability to grow in all kinds of conditions, as well as making deep and delicious red wine, means that the little blackbird was always destined to fly the coop. Today Merlot vines have made themselves at home all over the globe, and wines can be found from Chile, Australia, USA, Italy, and South Africa that benefit from the timeless qualities of this delightful variety. Land yours today from our online shop.

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