Soft Drinks & Mixers

Looking for the perfect mixer, non-alcoholic alternative to your tipple of choice, or just a bit of oat milk for your vegan Irish Coffee? You're undoubtedly in the right place. The Bottle Club offers a broad selection of classics and exciting new arrivals that will spruce up your cocktails or help you get your creative motor running.

Coca Cola's Signature Mixers range are up there with our favourites. They let you get real fiddly with the herbal notes of cola-based cocktails and showcase the intricacies of spirits. Then we have Schweppes galore, multipacks of any juice you can think of, and even Ting Grapefruit Crush. Don't let too many in on this secret, but Ting makes for an extraordinary Paloma cocktail – add some lime juice and tequila, and you'll be drinking Mexico's favourite summertime refreshment till the cows come home. Whatever you need, we got you covered, so stock up online and shop your favourites.

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