Low & No Alcohol Beer

Non-alcoholic beers have seen an enormous spike in popularity over the last few years. In Germany they've been the fastest-growing drinks category over the entire decade, with little sign of slowing down. Non-alcoholic beers are a great way for all you designated drivers and non-drinkers alike to enjoy an evening of fun and flavour, while keeping your sensibilities intact.

The number of different zero-alcohol beers on offer has steadily increased alongside their popularity. We’re now seeing an emergence of breweries that feature alcohol-free options as part of their core range, and breweries that only do non-alcoholic beers – like Big Drop, whose beers are also gluten-free. Big brands like Heineken and Guinness have worked for years to perfect their own alcohol-free recipes, creating beers that are virtually indistinguishable from their alcoholic counterparts. Grab a single bottle to test the taste, or order a pack online to give the guests at your event a choice they’ll be sure to thank you for.

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