Passion Fruit Liqueur

Passion Fruit Liqueur has a natural place in just about any tropical cocktail. Fru Fru, Palm Springs, Saigon Sling, and the reason most of you are probably here, Porn Star Martini. For the record, the BBC now lists that one as a ‘Passion Fruit Martini’ in an attempt to clean up the cocktail’s image. Ironically, the name ‘Passion Fruit’ comes from Spanish missionaries, who were talking about a very different kind of passion - the Jesus kind - but the world didn’t get that memo.

Our range of Passion Fruit Liqueurs is as varied as it is delicious. From the Briottet Passion Fruit Liqueur that marries perfectly with fruit juices, to the Sourz Passion Fruit Liqueur that is often enjoyed on its own, they all put their own spin on the fruit. Any of them can also be used as cocktail ingredients, and you’ll notice subtle differences in your end results if you care to experiment a little. Shop our Passion Fruit Liqueur range here at The Bottle Club, and mix yourself a little treat.

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