Patrón is a big, big name in the tequila world. Perhaps even the biggest. With such a big name, what’s most striking about Patrón is the level of attention they pay to the small details. From simple, yet smooth Patrón Silver right up to the triple distilled, barrel-rested Gran Patrón Platinum - a strong contender for smoothest tequila in the world - every drop of every Patrón tequila is made from hand-harvested Blue Weber Agave. The agave grows in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, where Patrón has its home.

Agave isn’t the easiest crop to farm, with each plant taking an average of eight years to ripen. The jimadors who tend the plants use their skill and experience to harvest only the finest, ripest agave, making sure every drop of Patrón reaches your glass in perfect condition. Whether it be mixed into a margarita or slung back neat, you’re buying the best whenever you buy Patrón.

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