Pear Cider & Perry

Are you familiar with this phrase? “They’re like apples and oranges”. Well just in case you aren’t, what it means is that the two things being compared are worlds apart. But apples and pears? Well, they’re like peas in a pod. Both apples and pears come from the Rosaceae family, meaning they are closely related to that most sweet smelling of all flowers, the rose. While apples and pears may be close relatives, pears do have a higher ratio of natural fruit sugars than apples, meaning that Pear Cider & Perry often has a seductively sweet and floral character all of its own. Kopparberg Pear is an ultra-refreshing, crisp, light example and you’ll find it when you buy from our online shop.

It might be the case that you’re already a fan of Pear Cider & Perry, but if you’re just curious, we’d encourage you to give it a whirl. Pear Cider & Perry pair beautifully with pastry and nutty snacks - you never know, you could be about to add another favourite to your picnic hamper.

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