Piedmont Wine

If you think the whole of Italy is a Mediterranean paradise with sweltering, near-eternal summers, then you could do worse than mixing it up and making your way to Piemonte. This is one of the coolest and lushest parts of Italy. Piemonte’s most famous grape is Nebbiolo, which translates as ‘the foggy one’. The name comes from the intense fog that descends upon the vineyards during the harvest. Nebbiolo is the grape that makes Barolo and Barbaresco, both unique and celebrated wines.

Because the climate in Piemonte is so fresh, the wines from this region are very different from your intensely fruity South-Italian wines like Primitivo and Nero d’Avola. Piemontese wines are generally quite tannic and a touch more acidic than warmer climate examples. The key word here really is delicate, since Piemonte doesn’t get an abundance of sun, which would ripen the grapes as much as it does in hotter regions. Aside from Barolo and Barbaresco, Piemonte boasts plenty of other wonderful grape varieties like Barbera and Dolcetto, as well as white wines like Cortese and Chardonnay. Explore our online shop today for a taste of the mountains.

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