Pink Gin

Curious about Pink Gin? You’re not alone. These blush, beguiling beverages capture the attention of pretty much everyone that doesn’t live under a rock, and with good reason. Not only do Pink Gins look stunning, they’re lip-smackingly delicious too. Made in a variety of different ways, some are infused with the essence of red fruit like raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants, rhubarb or grape skins, while others get their rosy character from the addition of botanicals like hibiscus and even rose petals. Try Tiptree English Pink Gin for an example of a gin that makes the best of all worlds.

As is so often the case with spirits, the story of Pink Gin begins at sea. Royal Navy sailors were prescribed Angostura bitters as a cure-all panacea back in the 19th century. They would then add “sweet” Plymouth gin to make the bitters tastier. The bitters gave the gin a pinkish hue and thus was born Pink Gin. Back on dry land the drink soon became popular and survives to this day as a classic cocktail. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years and modern Pink Gin blossomed onto the market. Although they share their name with their nautical predecessor, that’s where the similarities end… and so too does today’s history lesson.

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