Pol Roger

Pol Roger is champagne at its best. Light, tart, and always delicious. Pol Roger was established in 1849 by Olivier Pol-Roger, who set out to craft world-renowned champagnes that could be enjoyed with food or for the pure enjoyment of their silky taste alone. The company has remained under family control all these years—today's group of directors are descendants of Olivier himself! They still use the same traditional methods handed down through generations: blending wines from different vineyards into intricate blends that can then be aged to perfection. Today they produce 110,000 cases each year with five main types to choose from based on your mood!

Just like the French aristocrat for whom it was named, Pol Roger is headstrong and arrogant. It never yields to other Champagnes in blind tasting competitions around the world and holds its own against any drinker thrown at it. Actors Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner are known fans of this fine bubbly, while many connoisseurs agree that Pol Roger has a more feminine taste than other Champagne brands because of its higher sugar content.

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