Lee Zeldin, a former Republican House member from Long Island, said Santos voter outrage is "certainly very genuine."
“This is the completion of the insurrection," Reid said of Greene's assignments to House committees.
The Florida lawmaker has "several serious injuries" that are "not life threatening at this time," his office said.
The company is under fire by both fans and lawmakers who say its near-monopoly on ticket sales has done a massive disservice to consumers.
Defendant Chase Neill left Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-Kan.) a voicemail message saying that “I will kill you,” but claims he was forwarding a message from God, not himself.
They are seeking a rare order that would force Starbucks to bargain with workers at a Florida store where the union lost an election.
The Florida Republican congratulated his Georgia counterpart on her committee assignments, but she wasn't having it.
Progressives defeated Judge Hector LaSalle’s nomination, winning a key battle in the Democratic Party's civil war in New York.
The South Dakota governor's spokesperson previously criticized Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for "hiding behind a 15-week ban."
The former president compared the bureau to Nazi Germany’s secret police and suggested that it is led by “Marxist Thugs.”