Stout & Porter

Stout and Porter are two styles of dark beer that go hand in hand. The history of the two is as shadowy as a glass of the delightfully roasty beer itself, so let’s take a second to unfurl the mystery. Records from the 1700s show that Porter came first. At the time in London, it was customary for breweries to supply casks of ale that needed to sit in the pub cellar for a few days before they were ready to serve. Porter bucked this trend and arrived ready to hit the tankards of thirsty punters straight away. This revolutionary process can be credited for kickstarting the commercial beer industry as we know it. The word Stout was tacked on later, to describe the strong character of the popular new beer.

Today, Guinness leads the way as the world’s most popular Stout, and it’s easy to see why when you drink a nourishing glass, savouring the toasty notes of coffee, dark malts and thirst quenching dryness. Shop online now for a drop of the dark stuff delivered to your door.

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