Pourers & Stoppers

Pourers and Bottle Stoppers are an essential part of any bartender’s tool-kit. Necessity is the mother of invention afterall, and there’s a thing or two us non-professionals can learn from the pros, especially when it comes to keeping the contents of our precious bottles in great condition, even after they’ve been opened.

The job of the Pourer is self explanatory - to make it neat, quick and convenient to pour a constant controlled stream of booze from a large bottle that would make a right old mess otherwise. To make things even more streamlined, you can now buy pourers designed to dispense perfect measures every time. Our online shop has dust cover and free-pour options too. The job of the stopper is essentially to keep oxygen away from your alcohol one the bottle has been opened. The best technique for doing this varies depending on whether your product is a spirit, liqueur, still or sparkling wine. So have a dig around the range and find the perfect one for the task.

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