Real Ale and Bitter

The world of beer has become ever more interesting over the last decade, with new breweries and new styles appearing in seemingly infinite supply. When shopping online for ales and bitters, it helps to know a thing or two about what-means-what, so you can find your way straight to beers you’re going to love.

Differing from lagers in one essential way; ales and bitters are fermented at warm temperatures with yeasts that work on the surface of the brew, whereas lagers are fermented cold and with yeast strains that sit at the bottom of the tank. The top, warm ferment is what gives all ales and bitters their flavoursome, fruity base. Hops are added to season each batch, giving it citric, floral, and bitter notes. It is the artistry of each brewer in balancing these flavours that makes each ale unique. On the traditional Belgian end of the spectrum you have the warming depth of Leffe Blond Ale. In the middle you have the taste of British tradition in London Pride, and of course you can also shop for the zippiest, hoppiest modern craft beers from brands like Siren, Brewdog, and Big Wave.

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