Red Wine

Red Wine as a category accounts for many of the most beloved beverages on the planet. But before we dive into sumptuous specifics, let’s take a quick second to bust a widely held misconception about what makes red wine red. There are hundreds and hundreds of different grape varieties in the world; red, white, pink, amber and everything in between. Yet within this huge array, only one or two have red flesh. The juice inside all of your favourite red wine grapes is actually white! Shocking, I know. Red Wine’s colour and tannins are all extracted from the skins.

Each region has its traditional styles, made from varieties that thrive there. One key to the winemaker’s art is in perfecting the contact between the juice and the skins - also known as maceration - to produce the wine styles we know and love. Deep, tannic styles like Rioja macerate for months on end, while light styles like Beaujolais can macerate for as little as 12 hours. Whatever the vibe, our online shop has got you covered.

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