Rosé Cider

Rose Cider is a relaxed category of alcoholic ciders, inspired by that summer must-have drink; rose wine. Nothing compliments a sunny summer’s afternoon like an enticing glass of ice cold rose, and if you haven’t added Rose Cider to your array of blush beverages, prepare to be seduced. There are a number of different ways to produce Rose Cider, the simplest of which is to exclusively press those apple varieties with rose-tinted flesh. That said, as Rose Cider is quite a new addition to the drinks world, there aren’t yet any rules dictating what can and can’t be used. Creative cider makers like Wignac from Ardennes, France use delightfully fruity grape juice, while Herefordshire’s finest, Henry Westons, take the 100% apple route.

Whichever Rose Cider you choose to buy from our online shop, you’re sure to be grabbing a slice of summer. So go on, brighten up your day and take a look at the world through Rose-Cider tinted spectacles.

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