Rosé Wine

When you’re basking in the summer sun, toes dipped in the paddling pool (pretending it’s the sea), there’s no better accompaniment to that moment than a crisp, ice cold glass of rosé wine with maybe a couple of ice cubes chucked in for good measure. This go-between red and white wine is literally just that! It’s made by incorporating the colour of grape skins, but not enough to be a red wine. The pink tone you find in this wine can vary a fair amount from a pale orange to a vivid near-purple. This is all determined by the grapes used and the winemaking techniques.

Perfect for lovers of fresh, fruity flavours, explore our range of rosé wines including the ever-popular Provence rosés of Whispering Angel, Kylie Minogue or Studio by Miraval or more juicy numbers like Mateus or Blossom Hill.

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