Russian Vodka

The origin of Russia’s national tipple is a little foggy. Various legends blame it all on a fourteenth century Genoese ambassador who brought the first aqua vitae to St Petersburg, inspiring the first proto-vodkas, so well suited to the harsh Russian climate. Vodka has had a few redefining moments throughout the centuries, finally emerging during the late 1900’s in the odourless and colourless form we know so well today.

To say that vodka is a versatile spirit is quite an understatement, since even its name means ‘little water’. The proper Russian way of drinking vodka is subject to strict etiquette; no mixers, no chasers, only the clinking of shot glasses. Don’t worry though, we won’t tell anyone if you combine yours with Coke or Tonic. Some of the Russian vodkas listed below even come bundled with a mixer or two. Shop to your heart’s content. Na zdorovie!

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