The history books show that Sake is just about as old as Japanese culture itself, traceable back as far as 710 AD. Today, in the English speaking world, the word ‘Sake’ refers to a Japanese alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of rice grains. However in Japan, the word ‘Sake’ simply means alcoholic beverage, with 'nihonshu' referring broadly to the rice variety. There are then dozens of more specific terms referring to particular types and styles. Don’t let the complexity of the terms put you off though, it’s a fascinating and delicious world to get to know. The key is not to rush, and enjoy the journey.

Just as with malts in beer production, or grapes in winemaking, the carefully considered decisions made by the Sake brewer make it possible to create a massive array of different styles of Sake. The degree to which the grains are polished before fermentation has a big impact on the profile of the finished Sake, as does the conditions of fermentation, the ageing of the finished beverage, and the addition of fruit in some cases, too. One thing’s for sure, it’s never too late to try something new, and just maybe Sake can be that thing for you. Click through to our online shop and start your Sake journey today.

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