Sambuca is an often misunderstood liqueur. Most of us have experienced the clear, sticky, aniseed flavoured drink in not-so-sophisticated scenarios like raucous bars or pumping nightclubs, where we buy Sambuca as a tray of shots, set aflame for extra added theatre. We’re not here to judge, and we love a racy night out too, but there’s more to the world of Sambuca than just fiery hedonism.

With a relatively young history, dating back to just the mid 19th century, Sambuca has for most of its existence been associated with the “La Dolce Vita” era in Italy. Think socialites lounging in cafes, endless nights of socialising, lavish meals and glamorous settings where directors, artists, writers and musicians cemented their reputations for enjoying the finer things. Sambuca is traditionally served as a digestive, to settle the stomach after an indulgent meal with its powerful sweetness and cleansing anise flavour, but of course you can enjoy Sambuca however you see fit.

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