What do you mean you’ve never had Schnapps? Schnapp out of it! You almost definitely have. The German term Schnapps actually refers to a huge group of alcoholic drinks like flavoured and infused liqueurs, fruit brandies, and more. The word originates from the german verb ‘schnappen’ or ‘to snap’, which basically means these are shooting drinks. A variety of Schnapps was eventually introduced to the USA and became synonymous with fruity liquors, an honorary mention given to Peach Schnapps that exploded in popularity in the 1980s.

The fruity liquor side of Schnapps is a whole barrel of fun, so we’ve put together a collection of whimsical fruity liqueurs like Archer’s Peach Schnapps and Corky’s Raspberry Glitter Schnapps. The latter is a particularly fun creation, packed with raspberry juice and edible glitter for the divas in your life. Shop the full range here with us today and get your Schnapps fix, posthaste.

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