Scotch Whisky

As the name gives away, Scottish whisky is the pride and joy of distilling in Scotland. Also known as Scotch whisky, this lovely dram can come in a variation of styles, dependent on whether they are produced with malted barley, wheat or rye. To be given the prestigious Scottish Whisky name, each oak barrel must be aged for a minimum of three years, but the best ones are aged for much longer. Not only is that so the whisky can have a little rest, but this is where extra flavouring can be added too, such as peat, smoke or even the sea.

A true tribute to the history of Scotland, you’ll find multiple varieties of Scotch whisky including single malt from brands such as Glenfiddich, single grain like Haig Club, blended malt from Monkey Shoulder and the unforgettable blended grain by Chivas Regal. Ideal for drinking in a journey through the Highlands and beyond, enjoy your choice of Scotch on the rocks.

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