Scrumpy Cider

Let’s just take a second to dispel a myth or two about what Scrumpy Cider actually is. Traditionally speaking, Scrumpy Cider is a rustic British style of farmhouse cider. Wild-fermented, unfiltered, and habitually made from overripe, fallen apples, toppled from the trees by blustery, turn-of-the-season winds. In fact, the word “scrump” is used as a very adorable verb, meaning to forage around a leafy autumnal orchard in a race to get to the fallen fruit before the badgers, foxes, mice, and squirrels do.

Charming as it is, the above is a pretty loose definition these days. In practice, Scrumpy refers to a cider that has been made locally - usually in Somerset - without too many airs and graces. Despite its reputation for being super-boozy, many Scrumpy Ciders are beautifully balanced and not too strong, as you’ll soon find out when you buy from our online shop. So, it’s not all bog-eyed west country farmers, ruddy cheeked and loose-lipped from a good sousing, although let’s not kid ourselves, they’re out there, having a whale of a time. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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