Lovers of fortified wines rejoice; it’s time to dig into our Sherry collection. We’ve got some fine – and fino – Sherry available, but before you pick one for your basket, let’s take a trip down memory lane. What is Sherry all about?

Sherry is a common denominator for fortified wines produced in the Jerez region of Spain, which is in the south where it’s nice and sunny almost all year-round. It’s tempting to attribute Sherry’s characteristics to the soil and the climate, which sadly ignores the centuries of rich culture and trade Andalusia is so famous for. These have shaped the winemaking process just as much as the terroir – everyone from the Greeks to the Phoenicians brought their influence, shaping Sherry into what would eventually become Spain’s biggest mediaeval export. The Brits especially love a bit of sherry, so jump right into it with Barbadillo’s classics. Read up on the flavour notes and buy a bottle online here to make long winter nights with friends memorable.

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