Silent Pool

Silent Pool make inspiring and intricate luxury English gins from a beautiful location in the Surrey Hills. A truly artisanal project, the seed for Silent Pool distillery first took root during a chance meeting of friends in a local pub. Over drinks in 2014, founders Ian McCulloch and James Shelbourne realised their shared passion for precision, innovation, and - most importantly - small-batch gin.

Idealists through and through, and believers that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well, location was critical for Ian and James to realise their vision. Inspired by the character and sustainable models of Scotch Single Malt distilleries, the boys set out on an exhaustive search for a site with its own natural spring water supply. They eventually landed on Sherbourne Farm, right next to the famous Silent Pool, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Their persistence and refusal to accept mediocrity is reflected in the immaculate gins you’ll find just a click away in our online shop.

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