Single Malt

We may never know for certain who invented Whiskey; the Irish or the Scots, but one thing is for sure, Irish Single Malt Whiskeys hold their own against the best in the world. They have a character all their own, and the process of creating Irish Single Malt Whiskeys differs significantly from many others. Firstly, most Irish Single Malt Whiskeys are triple distilled, where Scotch for example is normally distilled just the twice. This third tier of the process imbues the majority of Irish Whiskeys with a satisfyingly smooth character.

The term Irish refers to the entire island when it comes to Whiskey, so you’ll find examples in our online shop from both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, side by side. Some of our favourites include the very special Midleton Very Rare 2021 Edition, Pearse 12 Year Old Founder’s Choice, and everything from the ever reliable Bushmills. We’re sure you’ll find a bottle to buy online today that’ll get the craic going.

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