Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Single Pot Still Whiskey is a uniquely Irish expression on the noble spirit. Each of the whiskeys in this category - similarly to Single Malt Scotch - is made entirely at one distillery site. The difference here is that Single Pot Still Whiskey is made using a mix of malted and unmalted barley. That mix gives this type of whiskey an easily recognisable character of rich texture, tanginess, and spice.
There wasn’t a single ‘eureka’ moment in the invention of Single Pot Still Whiskey. The unmalted barley crept up into the mix in the nineteenth century when escalating taxes on malted barley got distillers experimenting to see if they could get away with a portion of the more affordable unmalted type. Away with it they got indeed. Some describe Single Pot Still Whiskey as Ireland’s greatest gift to the world, so if you want to expand your whiskey horizons, there’s really no excuse not to dive in. Just a click away in our online shop, you’ll have the opportunity to start with Gelston Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, and splash out on a Green Spot once you’ve developed a taste for this distinctive and delicious variety of whiskey.

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