Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin, with its alluring ruby colour and sweet-tart flavour, has seen something of a renaissance this past decade. You’ll see it appearing on seasonal cocktail menus the length of the U.K, where it features prominently in revived classics like the Charlie Chaplin and Sloe Gin Fizz. Although Sloe Gin has an undeniable rustic charm, the Sloe berries themselves are extremely tart and astringent when eaten on their own, so let’s take a moment to look at how they came to be the key element of such a cherished liqueur.

Blackthorn trees were widely planted as land-dividing hedgerows around the U.K from the 17th Century onwards. The eye-catching berries - Sloes - ripened at the end of autumn, and found a use as a gin flavouring, seeing as gin in those days could be harsh and unpalatable. The drink never really went away, becoming an Xmas staple. Fast forward to modern times and U.K companies like Plymouth, Sipsmith, and Wessex make high quality versions that are available all year round from our online shop.

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