Speyside Single Malt Whisky

Welcome to Speyside, home of bestselling and award winning single malts like Glenfidditch, Glenlivet, and Macallan. We promise you won’t leave thirsty. Half of all whiskeys produced in Scotland come from this relatively small region, so what more can we say about its quality? True Speyside whisky has to be made near the river Spey and it’s poor form to get water from anywhere else. This is where any proper scotch fan should go on holiday, but in the absence of travel arrangements, you can buy a taste of Speyside online right here.

We all know that proper whisky should only be drunk neat, and this is doubly true for Speyside specimens. These are serious whiskys, elegant and sophisticated, even the entry level ones you’ll find below. Aside from the traditional honey, vanilla, and ripe green fruits, some of them also display delicate caramel notes and floral aromas. Enjoy.

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