Spiced Rum

So, what makes a spiced rum? Is it just the addition of flavourings, or is there more to it? To answer that question we first need to talk about the different types of rum. Light, or Silver Rum as it is sometimes called, is filtered and bottled right after distillation, but Dark Rums are aged. Spiced Rums belong in the second category, but ageing does little to explain the commonly found notes of cloves and cinnamon. Instead of sticking to just ageing, we need to add in a few special spices before we can call our grog ‘Spiced Rum’.

You’re probably familiar with Captain Morgan and Kraken Rum, both big and bold Spiced Rum brands, but there’s a whole universe here to explore. Buy the classics online here or try something experimental, like the Zymurgorium Cane Toad. Sky’s not the limit here, it’s Davy Jones’ locker…

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